The Values it Takes to Build Christian Churches church architect
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The Values It Takes to Build Christian Churches

For decades now, Building God’s Way has had one goal: to build God’s kingdom by creating spaces in which to worship Him while sharing God’s love with all those around the project. To this end, we build Christian churches and schools across the country and invite our clients—our friends—to join in our ministry. The support we have received has been enormous, and our values are reflected in the testimonials we have received.

Build Christian Churches church building

Quality Work on Time and Under Budget

There is always a level of uncertainty when you contract out another business, but those who have worked with BGW to build Christian churches have not been disappointed. Friends like Jeremy Kughn, Lead Minister of Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola, Florida and Roy Smith, Senior Pastor of the True Lite Daycare & Learning Center in Midland, Texas were astonished at the short timeframe in which their churches were built.

Roy Mack, Senior Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Niles, Ohio was thrilled that the design and construction teams “were several months early in delivering [their] project to [them] and almost a quarter million dollars under budget.” This enthusiasm was shared by Pastor Smith and with Eric Simpson on the building committee for Life Pointe Church in Woodland, California. With BGW, you can be sure all your schedules and milestones will be met.

Build Christian Churches church building

Charrette: Intelligent Design

One of BGW’s calling cards, as we build Christian churches, is our implementation of the charrette, a meeting of three days where our architects and your building committee all sit together and design, walking away at the end of the three days with conceptual designs you can be excited about. As described by Beacher Ward, Chairman of the Stewardship Campaign at Overcoming Church in Indianapolis, the charrette process allows the members of a church’s building committee to articulate their vision both to themselves and to our architectural team.

Our goal during the process is to “[ask] the right questions, [give] the right information, [and go] about it the right way,” which was Pastor Vincent Robinson’s experience during the charrette for Right Way Christian Center in Mobile, Alabama. Because that meeting starts with the question “What are your values,” we hold to the original designs as much as possible throughout the construction process. Pastor Mack noted less than a 10% difference between the initial rendering for Grace Fellowship and the final product.

Catch the Vision as We Build Christian Churches

At BGW, we build Christian churches for God and for your ministry, not for any of our own glory. This is why it is so important to us that we develop a design that is right for your vision. We want to be “kingdom-minded” as expressed by Shelly Teders of Crosspoint Christian Church in Cape Coral, Florida, to catch your vision. Daniel Orozco, Associate Pastor at Life Pointe Church said it best when he said, “They were serving us, not just doing us a service.”

Because we are the first architectural firm to build Christian churches, we understand the needs of your congregation and your building. You don’t need to convince us to make the Sunday School rooms larger or to improve the acoustics—we have a general idea of what is important, and we follow your vision for the details. Jeff Swearingen, Lead Pastor at Crosspoint Christian Church, described it as catering to needs and “dialing in to (your) culture.” We will work closely with you to find a reasonable and functional design.

Build Christian Churches church architect

Fast Friends

We at BGW aim to be accessible and build strong friendships beyond our construction projects, among our architects, construction workers, and your church members. We believe in a ministry of construction as we build Christian churches, where the church is involved in ministering to the construction workers contractually so as to foster the expansion of God’s work.

We have seen this yield wonderful results for our church clients over the years. Recent examples include Crosspoint Christian Church in Cape Coral, FL, where one of the contractors started attending church and a small group based on the relationships built during the construction process, and at LifeSpring Community Church in Harrison, Ohio, where a member of the construction team started coming to the church to work on his relationships with Jesus and with his ex-wife.

Putting God First

We’ve adopted the name “Building God’s Way” not just to catch people’s interest, but because we truly strive to build Christian churches as He would have us do. Pastor Smith described us as “not ashamed to own God in a business way,” and we are proud of that. We open every meeting with prayer and work through the obstacles endemic to construction projects with prayer too. In this way, we work to be, as expressed by Kevin Hewitt, executive director & president of the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio, “an architectural firm that glorifies God.”

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