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The Story of Building God’s Way


Since its inception, BGW has been doing things differently than the average architecture firm. The BGW concept was born out of Founder Dan Cook’s own experience working with dozens of faith-based projects throughout his career prior to accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1986. Dan felt a calling from God to help ministries address not only the funding challenges they face in facility expansion or remodel, but also the fundamental flaws of the construction industry, in which poor stewardship and conflict are far too common. He was also deeply committed to showing ministries how to impact people with the love of Christ during construction, a commitment that has become the heart of the BGW program.

Our Roots
Concept Origin
BGW Launch
Present Day

Our Roots

The architectural and construction roots of Building God’s Way (BGW) date back to 1972, when founder Daniel Cook established his first construction company and a few years later became a registered architect. However, the real story of BGW began in 1986, when Dan’s life and career were completely transformed after accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

Concept Origin

In 1995, Dan Cook took a leave of absence from his architectural practice to devote himself full-time to building Christian Heritage School in Riverdale, Utah. This project proved to be another pivotal point in Dan’s life as he watched God do amazing things through the devotion and faith of a small group of people.  During this project, Dan began developing the foundations of the BGW concept through repeated contact with schools and churches who sought his advice. Dan’s unique approach was revolutionizing the way faith-based facilities were designed and built and ministries across the country wanted to know more about this process.

BGW Launch

In 1998, Dan made the life-changing decision to give up his secular architectural work and commit the company solely to designing and building Christian churches and schools.  BGW began design on its first project soon thereafter for Lakeland Christian Academy in Winona Lake, Indiana.


BGW experienced tremendous growth in the early 2000’s as ministries around the country began to learn about this unique new approach. Architect Don Mahoney joined BGW as a partner Architect in 2003 and brought a wealth of design experience as the owner of his own firm and former President of the American Institute of Architects local chapter. With an extensive background in church, school and performing arts design, Don has become a leader in the field of faith-based architecture and has been recognized with a number of national church design awards.

Present Day

To date, BGW has designed nearly 800 churches and Christian schools and has served hundreds of others through its broad network of Kingdom building services.  Now an employee-owned company headquartered in Ogden, Utah, BGW is staffed with highly trained architects, MEP engineers, designers, drafters, project managers, as well as personnel in the areas of building supply, business development, accounting, and administration.

Our Mission & Vision

BGW’s mission is to build God’s Kingdom by translating the God-given vision of Christian organizations through innovative, stewardship-driven design, resulting in high quality, cost effective buildings that become dynamic ministry tools.


As we work to accomplish this mission, we seek to honor God by impacting the lives of our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work. We believe that God owns this business and we are simply His stewards of it for a season. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all we do in and through the business honors Him.

Executive Leadership

Don Mahoney@2x

Don Mahoney

Principal Architect & President

Mike McIntosh@2x

Mike McIntosh

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Derek Johnson@2x

Derek Johnson

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Architects & Project Managers

Don Mahoney@2x

Don Mahoney

Principal Architect & President

Dan Cook

Founder, Emeritus Architect

Josh Felix@2x

Josh Felix

Senior Project Manager, Construction Docs & Admin

David Tyson@2x

David Tyson

Architect, Preliminary Design

Cynthia Argyle@2x

Cynthia Argyle

Architect, Construction Docs & Admin

Ned Wright@2x

Ned Wright

Architect, Construction Docs & Admin

John Wetendorf@2x

John Wetendorf

Architect, Construction Docs & Admin

Brad Huizenga@2x

Brad Huizenga

Architect, Construction Docs & Admin

Brian Dixon

Architect, Construction Docs & Admin

Adrian Ben@2x

Adrian Ben

Project Manager, Construction Docs & Admin

Mark Kopp@2xMark Kopp

Construction Administrator

Architectural Associates & Designers

Austin Fredrickson@2x

Austin Fredrickson

Architectural Associate, Preliminary Design

Rebecca Knoll@2x

Rebecca Moeller

Architectural Associate

David Merlo@2x

David Merlo

Architectural Associate

Kathryn Husar@2x

Kathryn Husar

Architectural Associate

Marvin Reyes@2x

Marvin Reyes

Architectural Associate

Stacia Stuart@2x

Stacia Stuart

Interior Designer

Architectural Drafters

Casey Grimley@2x

Casey Grimley

Senior Drafter + CAD Manager

Zak Thurn@2x

Zak Thurn

 Senior Drafter

Josten Knight@2x

Josten Knight


JJ Becker@2x

JJ Becker


Jonathan Tiedemann@2x

Jonathan Tiedemann

Architectural Intern


John Everett@2x

John Everett, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Joel Holder@2x

Joel Holder

 Senior Mechanical Drafter

Johnnie Canova@2x

Johnnie Canova

Electrical Drafter

BGW Supply

Ernie Archuleta@2x

Ernie Archuleta

Project Administrator

Roger McBrayer

Project Manager

Brian Kirkendall@2x

Brian Kirkendall

Project Manager, Doors & Hardware

John Workman@2x

John Workman

Retail Sales Manager

Stéphanie Magrath

Account Manager


Mike McIntosh

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Ruth Kingston@2x

Ruth Kingston

Accounting + HR

Michelle Mooney@2x

Michelle Mooney

Administrative Assistant

Business Development & Marketing

Derek Johnson

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Scott Griffin

Program Manager

Makenzie Tiedemann@2x

Makenzie Tiedemann

Marketing + Graphic Design

Meagan Johnson@2x

Meagan Johnson

Multi-media Designer

Consultants | Preferred Partners

Eric Bahme@2x

Eric Bahme

CEO, MBS Solutions

Derek Bartlett@2x

Derek Bartlett

Project Manager, MBS Solutions

Justin Sorenson

Director of Child Care Services, MBS Solutions

Derrick Woodward, CPA

Founder & President, Enterprise Allies, Inc.

Glenn Repple

Founder and President, G.A. Repple Financial Services