Making Your Church Construction Vision a Reality A Glimpse at Previous Projects
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Making Your Church Construction Vision a Reality: A Glimpse at Previous Projects

If you are looking to build a church or school or center that glorifies God, look no further than Building God’s Way. We want your church construction vision to become a reality so it can bless the lives of your members and the people in the community. Our trustworthy team will consider your needs and desires and do what it takes to bring them to life.

Church Construction Vision church building

A Successful Charrette in Wooster, Ohio, and Beyond

The charrette is instrumental in helping us understand your church construction vision and bring it to life. In this three-day meeting, we sit with you and help you envision and articulate your project through a process we like to call  “intelligent design.” Jeremy Miller, president of Rosedale Bible College in Rosedale, Ohio joined many others in expressing his satisfaction with the charrette process, saying that they were able to come up with a great plan in one weekend that has blessed the entire community.

Kevin Hewitt, executive director & president of the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio was originally skeptical of the charrette process. He had had poor experiences working with alleged church construction visionaries in the past, and a “three-day intensive design period” simply did not seem plausible. However, he began to see things differently as our design team toured the facilities, talked with the people on-site (cooks and teachers) about needs, and had preliminary layouts and designs the next day after spending only an hour at the site. 

On the third day, we fine-tuned designs with the principle people overseeing the project, and within 48 hours, layouts, renderings, and plans were all done. President Hewitt agrees with Pastor Vincent Robinson of Right Way Christian Center Church that it is a “simply amazing” process.

Church Construction Vision church building

Meeting Community Needs in Mobile, Alabama

Speaking of Pastor Vincent Robinson, he describes his experience with Building God’s Way as “top-notch.” Part of that comes down to how his church construction vision will bless the entire community in a way that is true to city tradition. Every year, Right Way Christian Center Church holds Church in the Park, a massive event at a local park with free food and live music that brings in over 3,000 people. It is a fun and energetic way to give back to the community, but it does cost the center a pretty penny to use the public space.

To accommodate their growing congregation, Right Way recently acquired 156 acres to build a larger facility, and they contracted BGW for the designs. Incorporated into the plans is a 500-person capacity amphitheater. This will allow them to hold Church in the Park on their own premises, minimizing hassle and expenses while still serving the community in a traditional way that has been important to their ministry.

The Ministry of Construction at Work in Hayward, California

The members of Chinese for Christ Church in California saw first-hand the mutually beneficial nature of carrying out a church construction vision with Building God’s Way. We include in our contracts the understanding that members of the church will minister to the workers constructing their building. This makes for a wholesome and unified building process, a ministry of construction.

While working with Chinese for Christ, our BGW team developed details, mediated with the construction team, and offered objective advice to provide structure to the project timeline. In return, the members of the church hosted Thanksgiving lunch with the construction team. They invited the construction workers to pause their work, and they gave them lunch and gifts as a way to thank them and to bless their lives.

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Building Up Churches Across the Nation

Everyone is blessed when a church construction vision is carried out, and one of those ways is that a congregation has the space to expand. Many of those who have worked with BGW have had years of experience with building or renovating churches and relocating, but all of them are pleasantly surprised just how much one of our new buildings invites people to come to Christ.

For example, Crosspoint Christian Church in Cape Coral Florida has experienced their largest ever growth period since building their new facility. Pastor Glenn Meredith of Brookhaven Church in McKinney, Texas felt that, in his 40 years of being a pastor, the church building designed by BGW is the first building that works for instead of against him because our architects design specifically for churches. This feeling may be reflected in the size of Brookhaven’s congregation, which has more than doubled since they’ve had the new building.

Senior Pastor Roy Mack of the Grace Fellowship Church in Niles, Ohio said that working with BGW was “like a dream” and “by far has been the simplest process [he has] ever been a part of.” The manifestation of his church construction vision is a beautiful building that draws people off the street daily to come check it out, while over in Woodland, California, Life Pointe Church has had to retrofit a secondary campus with BGW’s help to accommodate their many members. We couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of sincere ministry and God moving in the lives of the good people of this country.

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