Worship Center

Lancaster, PA

Project Scope

12,383 SF Addition

BGW Builder

Erickson-Hall Construction

Project Completion Date

December 2015

Project Scope

106,313 SF New Construction

BGW Builder

R.S. Mowery & Sons

Project Completion Date

August 2010

This impressive 106,313 SF facility not only provides a new worship center but also allows room for fellowship and multiple simultaneous events. Designed with a circular lobby, the floor plan boasts seating clusters for fellowship and informal meetings without impeding traffic. This wandering foyer bisects the building and allows easy access, separating the worship center and education/fellowship wings.

The worship center seats 1,500 with an intimate learning environment; 375 seats will be added as the congregation grows. Sloped seating leads to stadium seating at the rear of the sanctuary, creating bold sight lines and increased intimacy. An extensive catwalk accommodates the necessary theatrical lighting and A/V control. The wide array of classroom and offices provide flexibility throughout the entire facility. The building design also features meeting rooms for youth and children’s ministries plus both a youth cafe and family coffee shop. Athletics and audio/visual needs were considered carefully even in the youth and children’s spaces.

The buildings exterior elements were carefully selected to break down the building mass to a residential scale, fitting the rural nature of its Pennsylvania location. Large gables mark the entrances, cementing each wing as a separate entity. Glass window expanses create a natural bridge to the outside, and natural interior design themes create consistency and a sense of completion within the building.

Architect of record: Dan Cook, BGW Founder Emeritus

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