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Salt Mine Productive Workspace

Salt Lake City, UT

Project Description

19,000 SF

Project Scope

Creative work space, Cafe, Meeting room, Conference room, Fireplace lounge

Project Completion Date

February 2016

The Salt Mine was designed to be a 21st Century productive workspace center.In this day and age of high-speed internet and virtual offices, the traditional office space is changing face. Many people work from home or on the go. The Salt Mine provides a way for companies or individuals who run virtual offices to come together, connect with other professionals, network, hold corporate meetings, training labs or other events.

Guests of the Salt Mine can work remotely while enjoying the benefits of a physical office environment. Some of the features include a café, fire place lounge, conference room, dedicated office space, meeting rooms, and event space.

The Salt Mine is a non-profit that is committed to local economic development that has global impact. Their goal is to “pay it forward” by making investments of coaching and resources for local entrepreneurs and start ups in the developing world.

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