BGW Architects offers an unmatched level of expertise in church design as well as broad experience with Christian school and higher education projects. We have developed innovative and creative design solutions for more than 850 ministry-based projects nationwide. 


Many architectural firms can provide creative design solutions, but creative design alone can be problematic if it is simply an exercise to show fantastic possibilities that have little chance of getting funded. We believe that reducing the cost of construction begins at the earliest stages with a design strategy that is focused on delivering the highest level of stewardship. Our mission is to provide innovative designs that work within the parameters of a ministry’s budget and actually get built. 

Unlike most church architects that charge percentage-based fees, our fees are fixed for each stage of the project. In our experience, percentage-based fees often lead to over-priced plans that do not fit within the ministry budget. This often is discovered upon receipt of final bids from the subcontracting community, followed by a panicked stage of alterations to the drawings in a desperate attempt to reduce costs, which can result in a devastating lack of value to the project. By fixing the architectural fees, the church architect is inspired to make decisions from the start that can reduce the cost of construction.

"We initially worked with another architect who designed a building that was nearly two-times our budget. Fortunately, BGW came at just the right time. From our first design meeting, we knew we had chosen the right team to complete our project."

Steve Schellin, Senior Pastor

Southland Community Church - Greenwood, IN


Our church design and Christian school design process begins with a unique spin on an age-old architectural exercise called a 
"charrette".  This highly collaborative effort takes place over a 3 day period at the ministry site, allowing design solutions to evolve quickly with real-time adaptations by the architect, based on feedback of key ministry or school leaders and the local BGW Builder. The visual tools that are created, including floor plans, site plans, elevations and exterior renderings, will help you cast your vision in a powerful way.   ​​

BGW Architects can also take your preliminary design to the next level with 3D animation and "fly-through" videos that can help you generate excitement as you launch the fundraising campaign for your church building or Christian school construction project.

"During the design charrette, all of our questions were answered, sometimes before we could ask or even think of them! Most of us thought that we were going to be given a plan and that would be it. Instead, BGW gave us five options to consider, helping us get more buy-in for the new building"

John Griffin, Building Committee Chair

Melrose Community Church - Roseburg, OR


At BGW, we believe that a ministry is most effective when it is fully immersed in its community and that buildings can play a key role in moving a ministry toward this “embedded” identity. From the earliest stages of design, our church architects focus on helping ministry leaders consider how their new facility can be designed to be a more effective ministry tool that meets the needs of the community, not just on Sundays, but 7 days a week, allowing them to engage with unchurched people in new and practical ways. This includes the idea of merging financially sustainable, for-profit business within church facilities, which has become a hallmark of BGW church building and church remodel projects.

"I was skeptical that this could be done in 3 days, particularly in light of our previous experience with other architects, but in this short time, we developed a tremendous amount of momentum for our project and excitement within our staff."

Kevin Hewitt, Executive Director / President

Christian Children's Home of Ohio

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