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What does the church of the future look like? 


How can we adapt to the needs of a changing culture that is becoming more and more “unchurched”? 


Join us as we explore what it means to be an embedded church – a church that not only shifts from an internal to an external focus, but one that is physically and spiritually woven into the fabric of their community. 


The church of tomorrow will not just be for Sunday gatherings. It may also be a community center or a child care facility or a senior care center. It could even be a sports venue or a hotel. It will be focused on meeting the needs of people 7 days a week and bringing the church back to the center of the community. 


Hear from experienced pastors who have pioneered the embedded church model about how to establish a new culture and transform facilities that will allow you to engage with your community in new and exciting ways. Learn how churches across the country are successfully integrating financially sustainable business models that can help free them from debt service to have a greater impact for The Kingdom of God!

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