Not Just for Sundays Anymore

What would happen to our ministries if we cut out the mortgages, reduced the overhead expenses of our facilities by two-thirds or more, and used our buildings seven days a week? Discover how churches across the country are successfully integrating financially sustainable solutions that can help free them from debt service to have a greater impact on the community and The Kingdom of God. 


The Externally-Focused Church

How can we move our church from an internal to an external focus, and become a ministry that is woven into the fabric of our community?  Learn from experienced pastors who have pioneered the “embedded church” model about how to develop an active, relational church that is focused on practical community engagement and generates sustainable people flow within the church facility.


Innovations in Church Design

Learn about the latest innovations in the design of worship, children and youth spaces, and the continued evolution of “third place” gathering areas that have become the focal point of today’s church floor plan.  Hear about a dynamic and cost-effective 3-day design process that has helped more than 700 ministries nationwide to cast a clear vision for the future and bring their ministry dreams to life!   


Transforming the Ministry Funding Model

Funding for ministry growth or expansion has traditionally been limited to capital campaigns that rely solely on short-term donors. Discover a comprehensive ministry funding solution that not only revolutionizes the traditional capital campaign process, but also integrates for-profit business models, engages entrepreneurs within the church, and leverages the power of crowd funding and planned giving. Check out this short preview video.


Building the world’s way vs. Building God’s way

In many ways, the world’s way of construction is a broken process. The BuildingSmart Alliance estimates that as much as 70% of commercial construction projects are over budget or late.  Learn about the revolutionary Building God’s Way approach that integrates biblical stewardship, relationships and outreach, and cuts construction costs by 20-30%.  Hear about the growing trend toward affordable options such as adaptive re-use of existing commercial buildings.  Also, learn how you can transform your next building project into a ministry opportunity to reach the community!  Check out this short preview video from last year’s seminar 


Moving Forward Together

Who better to invite into the “foxhole” of your ministry than another experienced pastor who intimately understands the challenges and successes that lie ahead of you?  Discover the coaching, assessment and consulting services available through BGW and its partners that are customized for your ministry size, goals and personality.  Whether you’re a growing church in the process of building or remodeling and need to reposition for the future, or your ministry is stuck and is facing serious challenges to moving forward, this session will uncover a solution for you.  Check out this short introductory video



Matt-RobertsMatt Roberts

Senior Pastor, The Genesis Project


Matt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a church based in Ogden, Utah that has grown from a small group meeting in an local coffee shop to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. For 18 years Matt has served in various roles and positions helping churches and denominations revitalize and reimagine their church planting strategies through an embedded, sustainable, community lens. The Genesis Project is an active, relational church model that marries an embedded ministry with practical community engagement and a sustainable business model. The church operates a full-service event center, community coffee shop, daycare center, outreach facility, local youth center, multiple ministry and rehabilitation homes and non-profit community services. Through this merger of diversified business and ministry, the Genesis Project has become a model for planting financially sustainable churches within communities plagued by poverty and religious apathy.  


Speaking dates:  September 19, 27, 28; October 17, 19; Nov 14, 16 

Dan CoBGW Headshots-Dan Cook-20150715-02ok

Founder, Building God’s Way


Dan is a visionary architect, developer, builder and the founder of the Building God’s Way (BGW) network of Kingdom Building Services. He has led BGW through the design of more than 700 ministry-based facilities and has pioneered a number of innovative programs that have revolutionized the way churches and Christian schools are designed and built. These programs were all founded on Biblical principles of stewardship, relationship and outreach. Dan has a passion for helping churches develop strategies to reach the next generation, adapt to cultural change and become financially sustainable.  He is the author of a recently published book called “10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries”, which addresses 10 key cultural and economic shifts that are impacting ministries today and offers innovative strategies that will help you survive and even thrive in the storm ahead. 


Speaking dates:  TBA


Eric Bahme

Pastor, Author and CEO of BGW Sustainable Solutions


Eric is the author of the book, “The Mission-Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements”. The success stories shared in this book about integrating for-profit business models in churches have been featured in a number of national publications and television broadcasts. A senior Pastor for over 20 years, Eric is an innovator and a pioneer in the financially sustainable, “embedded church” model and he travels the country helping church leaders to discover and develop the untapped potential of these opportunities. He is the founder and president of KingdomPoint International, a non-profit organization created to network and empower ministries through a mission-based entrepreneurial movement. Eric has also served a number of key roles at Nehemiah Project International Ministries, an organization that provides biblically- based entrepreneurial courses globally.  


Speaking dates:  Sept 12, 14; Oct 24, 26; Nov 7, 9 

BGW Headshots-Don Mahoney-20150715-02Don Mahoney

Principal Architect / Partner, Building God’s Way


Don has one of the most extensive backgrounds in church, school and performing arts architecture, designing prominent facilities all across the U.S. throughout his 35 year career. As a partner architect for Building God’s Way, Don has become a leader in the field of faith-based architecture and has been recognized with a number of national design awards, including multiple WFX Solomon Awards for Best Church Architect, Best Church Design, Best Special Project and Best Digital Church. Don is also a recipient of the LCEF Arts & Architecture Award for Best Liturgical Design and former President of the American Institute of Architects for the State of Utah. Don has a keen understanding of the challenges that churches are facing today as they are becoming less and less relevant in our culture. He has developed unique design strategies focused on helping address these generational, cultural and economic challenges.  Check out this video clip from Don’s presentation at a past BGW seminar



Speaking dates:  TBA


Dave-Tyson-253x289David Tyson

Architect, Building God’s Way


For the last 10 years, David has been intimately involved in leading the preliminary design process with ministries who have relied on BGW to capture their vision and achieve momentum as they start the building process. This role has given him a front row seat to observe the national trends and culture of churches across the United States. As a “borderline” millennial, David also carries the unique perspective of bridging the design gap of previous generations while merging progressive and relevant concepts that appeal to the millennial generation. The combination of nationwide experience and generational perspective have given him a unique opportunity to listen to individual ministry needs and provide prescriptive design solutions that allow churches to overcome challenges facing them in today’s ministry landscape.


Speaking dates:  TBA


Ned Wright

Architect, Building God’s Way


Ned has been involved in leading dozens of church and school building projects from initial concept to construction completion. What he enjoys most is seeing the ministry vision of each church implemented in a very practical way down to the smallest detail.  Ned gets to know and understand the vision of churches through a process that can take anywhere from 18 months to several years, starting with a few sketches on paper and ending with a joyful ministry moving into their new home. The process includes such details as color schemes, ceiling design and city permitting.  Ned has worked on many project types but feels particularly blessed to have worked on multiple Children’s Ministry buildings where color, texture, lighting and liveliness are used to engage children and create a safe and fun space to introduce them to Christ. With a young family of his own, this is near and dear to Ned’s heart and has become his specialty.


Speaking dates:  TBA


Building God's Way Planned Giving

Glenn Repple

Founder & President, G.A. Repple Planned Giving Consultants


Glenn is a registered broker dealer, investment advisor and Christian planned giving consultant. Since he founded G.A. Repple and Company in 1982, the company has expanded to 80 offices that are nationally licensed in all 50 states. The company has also assisted in the formation of over 200 foundations and has raised over 100 million dollars for missions of various charities, ministries and foundations. GA Repple’s “Generosity Initiative” program teaches church members how to give other assets and investments to the church while minimizing tax implications, which expands the potential giving pool and ministry impact. Glenn is also a Certified Teacher of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Program. He has trained over 300 business leaders who have likewise spread the teaching into 19 different countries. 


Speaking dates:  TBA


David-BrunswickDavid Brunswick

Planned Giving Consultant, G.A. Repple Generosity Initiative


As a Planned Giving Consultant for G.A. Repple’s Generosity Initiative, Dave helps ministries identify, educate and cultivate potential planned giving prospects within the church.  The Generosity Initiative teaches church members how to give other assets and investments to the church while minimizing tax implications, which expands the potential giving pool and ministry impact.  Dave has been serving Christian families in the area of finances since 1994 and has been a member of Gideon’s International since 1995. He previously served as the Executive Administrator, Chairman of the Trustee/Deacon Board, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Chairman of the Stewardship Committee at the Gospel House Church in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.  Dave is currently a Deacon at Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina and has also served on the Gospel House Prison Ministry Foundation Board.  As a Stockbroker, his licenses include Series 6,7,63, Life, Health, Medicare Supplement, Long Term Care & Variable Annuity.


Speaking dates:  TBA


Church Construction Experts

BGW partners with leading church builders all across the U.S. that have a heart for Christian ministry and align with the BGW approach that was founded on stewardship, relationship and outreach.  Through a unique model called the “Trinity Partnership”, the church, architect and builder agree to put God in the center of their relationship.  Over the years, this model has consistently delivered the lowest market costs and best on-time delivery, while transforming the typical construction job site into a ministry field and significantly reducing conflict. The exclusive BGW Builder partner for the local area will be in attendance at each seminar to share information and answer questions related to church facility expansion, renovation, maintenance and repurposing of existing commercial buildings.  For more information about the BGW Builder in your area, click here.   



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