Funding & Stewardship



a comprehensive approach to raising
funds for kingdom expansion


Funding for ministry growth or expansion has traditionally been limited to capital campaigns that rely solely on short-term donors.  BGW Momentum is a comprehensive ministry funding solution that revolutionizes the capital campaign process by focusing on teaching sound biblical principles of discipleship and stewardship, engaging the entrepreneurs within the church, and leveraging the power of planned giving. 

Let your Vision determine your Resources!


Has God given your ministry a bold vision to increase your reach and impact in your community?  Is that vision bigger than your available resources? Bigger than your available space? Abraham, Moses, and Joseph are just a few of the biblical examples of people that followed God’s vision for a community above all else. As we follow in their footsteps, we must not let our current resources guide us, but must courageously follow the path God has laid before us.

As ministry leaders begin to cast a compelling vision for advancing the Kingdom of God, the BGW | Momentum program will provide opportunities for congregants to grow in the understanding, passion, and commitment necessary in order to bring it to life.

Through Biblical Entrepreneurship, Planned Giving, and Hearing from God, ministry participants will not just engage in fellowship, but educational and spiritual growth. Together, these programs are aimed at sparking a life-long journey of discipleship, wherein each person will recognize their role as a steward of the life, resources, and talents God has graciously given us.  As a result, your members will also discover how those gifts can be leveraged to bless the God-given vision of your ministry. 


These programs are offered over a seven-week period of time, launching with Biblical Entrepreneurship and Planned Giving, followed by the six-week Hearing from God Capital Campaign program. Through a three-year follow up program, we will help you engage new congregants and continue to pour into the existing congregation, while looking into traditional financing options as well as other unique funding ventures, such as crowdfunding and civic funds, depending on your context and project.


For more information, contact:

Derek Bartlett, Project Manager

(704) 839-1173 or

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