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Coker College

Hartsville, SC

Project Size

40,500 SF New Construction

Project Scope

Library, Student Center, Faculty Services

Architect of Record

Daniel Cook, BGW Founder Emeritus

Project Completion Date

Fall 2007

The Coker Library-Information Technology (LIT) Center is the hub of academic life at the College, providing unparalleled access to learning and teaching resources by merging the traditional library with the educational potential of the internet and new technology. Situated within a 15-acre campus, the LIT Center is placed among existing Georgian-style buildings, some of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The two-story facility houses an expanded library of books, periodicals, musical recordings, videos and more. The building was designed around advances in technology to include wireless and internal networking, computer lab and info kiosks. The facility also features an underfloor air delivery system, saving 30% in energy costs compared to conventional HVAC systems. The use of raised access floors throughout the building creates more air delivery and also permits immediate access to electrical and data as needed in any location. The facility design also encompasses a cafe, conference rooms, student group meeting and lounge spaces, staff offices, board room and faculty research room along with the college archives and a premier art collection.

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