What Happens During Pre-Construction?

during pre-construction

21 May What Happens During Pre-Construction?

The planning and pre-construction phases are incredibly important components of an efficient construction project. Here at BGW, we strive to offer an array of construction-related services to meet all of the needs of your church building and requirements. By providing these many different services, we minimize the possibility of miscommunication and ensure that the project can proceed as smoothly as possible. Understanding what happens during pre-construction will help to ensure that you understand how important these processes are to the quality of the finished construction project.

The Importance of Pre-Construction

Pre-construction provides many benefits for the construction project. For one thing, the discussion and consideration helps to remove unknown variables from the project. This often helps the client to have their relevant questions answered. Pre-construction helps to provide a clear picture of the entire project from beginning to end, ensuring that everyone understands what to expect throughout the project. It also involves thorough, efficient planning and sets realistic expectations for the project. These are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained through the pre-construction process.

How Long Does Pre-Construction Take?

The total length of the pre-construction project will depend primarily on the overall scope of the project. Incredibly long projects will require more planning and consideration. These projects may result in a pre-construction phase that takes 12 weeks. Smaller projects often only require a pre-construction phase of 2 weeks. Pre-construction helps to ensure that the project goes smoothly, no matter how large the project is. Consult with us to learn more about the expected length of the pre-construction phase.

General Checklist of What Happens During Pre-Construction

during pre-construction

It can be beneficial to summarize the general processes that are included during pre-construction. This checklist will help you to know what to expect throughout the process. Pre-construction includes an initial meeting, planning of the design, managing the overall scope of the project, estimating various costs, as well as considering cost-saving options. It also serves to identify issues that may arise, as well as outline solutions for those problems. Pre-construction covers effective site selection and a study of the feasibility of the project on a specific site. It ensures that the soil condition on the site is evaluated and checks for existing utilities on the site. During pre-construction, the necessary equipment will be determined and the team will check for potential green building options and the viability of implementing these options. A life-cycle analysis and contingency outlines are often created through pre-construction.

Provide Guidance

Undertaking a construction project can be rather overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with many construction processes. It will be difficult to make the most effective decisions without the experience of a professional. The pre-construction phase allows the client to obtain excellent guidance and advice to ensure the smoothest, most effective construction project possible.

Design a Responsibility Matrix

Assigning responsibility is an important component of ensuring that your construction project is completed efficiently. During the pre-construction phase, a responsibility matrix will often be crafted. This helps to ensure that responsibility is assigned to each person, which allows you to hold them accountable for completing their part of the project.

Develop an Initial Design

It is important to ensure that the design is crafted according to the client’s needs. When late design changes are made, it is far more likely to be difficult to implement these changes. However, during pre-construction an initial design is created, which allows for changes to be made to the design without resulting in significant issues.

Hold a Meeting with the Client

One incredibly important part of the pre-construction phase is a meeting with the client. This meeting allows us to more effectively determine your needs and ensure that everyone remains on the same page throughout each step of the project. Meeting with our BGW team helps to eliminate many major problems and ensure that the project is completed as efficiently as possible.

Create Budget and Schedule

It is crucial to set an effective schedule and budget for your construction project. These will be put in place during the pre-construction phase. In fact, the pre-construction phase ensures that both the budget and the schedule are created with realistic expectations in mind. Without effective analysis and planning, it will be impossible to create a budget and schedule that is realistic.

Analyze Needs

Analyzing the overall needs of the construction project will be critical in making realistic goals. It is important to understand all of the various needs of the project in order to ensure that these needs are met and to devise the best plan for meeting the construction project’s requirements.

Cost Estimation

Understanding the various factors associated with the finished project will help to provide appropriate cost estimation for the project. This is important in ensuring that a realistic budget is set and that the appropriate funds can be secured. The last thing you want is to get partially through construction on a project only to learn that the project is out of your designated budget. This is one of the major benefits that cost estimation can provide during the pre-construction phase.

Identifying Issues

During pre-construction, the team will consider the likelihood of possible issues that may arise. This will then allow them to effectively plan for the issues. When issues are planned for in advance, they will result in less disruption to the overall construction project.

Define the Project

The overall scope of the project is an important component in identifying the needs of the project. It is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the overall scope of the project. We ensure that the project is thoroughly and effectively defined throughout the pre-construction phase.

At BGW, we are dedicated to providing thorough services to improve your construction project and ensure the church building that you require. Our planning services are designed primarily to improve the efficiency of the project and vastly increase the finished outcome. To learn more about the importance of the pre-construction phase and our construction process, contact us at BGW today!

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