Venture Church

Harrisburg, NC

Project Size

88,000 SF New Construction

Project Scope

Financially Sustainable Multi-purpose Church Facility with Hotel / Event Center, Daycare Center and mixed use development

Architect of Record

Daniel Cook, BGW Founder Emeritus

Project Completion Date

Preliminary Design completed, currently in Funding

This project includes the development of a 93 room hotel with a 350 seat auditorium and a full service restaurant. The facility will also include a full-time daycare facility, a recreational health club and fitness center, as well as other mixed use / retail development. The building is designed for flexibility so that the space fills the needs of both the hotel and the church. Also, the daycare will be utilized by the church as classroom space when not being used as a daycare. David Henderson, the lead pastor for Venture Church, said “We wanted to build a facility that could be used seven days a week, rather than primarily building a church that would be used one and a half days a week. We just think it’s a better stewardship of resources and stewardship of land use.”

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