Stewardship-Focused Design

4-Key elements of the BGW program that allow us to deliver an average savings of 20-30%

For more than 20 years, BGW architects and builder partners have consistently delivered projects at below-market costs without sacrificing the quality or aesthetics of the buildings. Below are 4 key elements of the BGW program that allow us to deliver these incredible cost savings.

Counting the Costs prior to Design

We are invested in the buildings we design and want to see them built, so we begin by helping churches truly count the costs prior to the start of the preliminary design process. After collecting 3 years of financial statements from the ministry, our CPA performs a Funding Solutions Analysis that helps the ministry clearly understand their total funding capacity for a building project, based on their ability to service debt, current cash on hand, potential impact of a capital campaign, and any existing debt that would need to be refinanced. This allows us to establish a realistic budget early on and maintain a strict focus on it throughout the design process.

We also incorporate a much more detailed level of cost estimating than most architects during the earliest stages of preliminary design. We take into account the entirety of construction costs in order to help ministries see the big picture early on, including general conditions, site costs, and “soft” costs. This can include costs such as permitting, nuisance fees, dumpsters, safety meetings, insurance, and accounting-costs that have to be paid, but are often overlooked in the beginning stages of design. 

By having our local builder partner at the table during the preliminary design, we are also able to gather valuable input on cost implications and constructibility as the design is developing. The BGW architect and Builder then work together to develop the preliminary construction cost estimate for the project. 

Maintaining Control of Building Systems

We maintain a much higher level of control of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and A/V/L systems. Each of the engineers and consultants associated with these systems are tied closely into the BGW design team from the very beginning, allowing for a much higher level of collaboration to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective design.  

Pre-Construction Stewardship

BGW engages in a very unique process toward the end of design that we call Pre-Construction Stewardship. This process allows us to solicit the best value engineering ideas from potential biding subcontractors and make the necessary changes to the design documents prior to construction that can clear up any confusion, greatly reduce or eliminate change orders, and ultimately reduce construction costs. This process was also designed to leverage construction industry relationships and potential linkage to the ministry that can lead to in-kind gifts or substantially discounted products or services.  

Manufacturer-Direct Purchasing

BGW has negotiated manufacturer-direct pricing with leading manufacturers who have a heart to support Christian ministry, eliminating at least one layer of mark up, sometimes more. BGW clients have access to below-market prices on mechanical equipment, flooring, seating, LED lighting, A/V/L equipment, school and play furnishings and much more.