Our Story | Mission | Vision

There’s a better way. 

The Story of Building God’s Way


Since its inception, BGW has been doing things differently than the average architecture firm. The BGW concept was born out of Founder Dan Cook’s own experience working with dozens of faith-based projects throughout his career prior to accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1986. Dan felt a calling from God to help ministries address not only the funding challenges they face in facility expansion or remodel, but also the fundamental flaws of the construction industry, in which poor stewardship and conflict are far too common. He was also deeply committed to showing ministries how to impact people with the love of Christ during construction, a commitment that has become the heart of the BGW program.

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Our Mission & Vision

BGW’s mission is to build God’s Kingdom by translating the God-given vision of Christian organizations through innovative, stewardship-driven design, resulting in high quality, cost effective buildings that become dynamic ministry tools.


As we work to accomplish this mission, we seek to honor God by impacting the lives of our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work. We believe that God owns this business and we are simply His stewards of it for a season. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all we do in and through the business honors Him.