The Heart of Building God's Way

BGW has developed an effective organizational structure that allows the church to show the love of Christ and serve those that are working to construct the new facility. With hundreds of different subcontractors on your property during the construction process, this is a rare opportunity for the congregation to expand ministry to a whole new group of people in the community. 

The Ministry of Construction program has been an integral part of the Building God's Way approach since its founding by Daniel Cook in 1998. Dan had been involved in dozens of faith-based projects throughout his career prior to accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1986. After he was saved, he began thinking back to all those projects and wondered why no one in those ministries had ever introduced him to the love of Christ.

Dan was committed to changing the way churches and Christian schools think about a construction project and the workers that are involved in it. From day one, the BGW program has been centered around ministry and a strong belief in sharing the love of Christ with everyone involved in our construction projects. The true heart of the Building God's Way program. The Ministry of Construction has impacted the lives of hundreds of construction workers. 

"It has been a joy to know BGW and to see their heart for the Lord and for souls who need him. It was eye-opening for many to realize that this project was about more than the field house structure - it was about the souls of those who did the work."

- Bob Jones 111, President Bob Jones University | Greenville, SC

With hundreds of ministry projects all across the U.S. over the past 2 decades, the Ministry of Construction program has continually been refined and updated as new ministry ideas and methods are discovered. An in-depth program manual provides ministries with valuable information on developing an effective organizational structure, identifying team leaders, conducting ministry fairs, organizing the 5 key ministry teams

and more.

The program manual also includes a broad collection of successful outreach ideas that have been gathered from hundreds of ministry projects, as well as strategies to safely, incorporate volunteers, mobilize prayer and publicity teams, and ideas for conducting ceremonies on the job site such as groundbreaking, grand opening, slab parities and more. 

Learn how you can transform your building project into a ministry opportunity!