Don't let your resources determine your vision...Let your vision determine your resources!

We believe that if the Lord provided the vision for your ministry growth and expansion, He will be faithful to work in the hearts and lives of your members to see that vision realized.

BGW has assembled a specialized team of financial experts and experienced pastors who understand the challenge of ministry fundraising and are equipped to come alongside your leadership to develop a comprehensive and strategic funding plan. 

"This fundraising approach was not about money, but about ministry. It was refreshing to hear ideas that allowed us the chance to broaden and enhance ministry opportunities."

- Pastor Roy L. Tucker, Jr. | The Praising Place Church of God | Charlotte, NC

Capital Campaigns

When people are engaged in intentionally seeking the mind of God, miracles can happen. We believe your members need to seek His face regarding their financial commitment to the project, rather than be manipulated by appeals. The "Hearing from God" capital campaign is a 6-week strategic devotional series followed by a series of 3 one-year campaigns focused on cultivating spiritual sensitivity and generosity within each individual in your congregation.  

In the Hearing from God campaign, the church body is directed through specific study and prayer topics using customized campaign materials. The goal is to spark a life-long journey of discipleship, wherein each person will recognize their role as a steward of the life, resources, and talents God has graciously given us. As a result, your members will discover how those gifts can be leveraged to bless your ministry vision. 

"The Hearing from God Campaign brought focus to our congregation. More and more people became involved, attendance increased and new ministries developed. We have a feeling of place and purpose in God's greater plan!"

- Pastor Roy L. Tucker, Jr. | The Praising Place Church of God | Charlotte, NC

A Network of Funding Support

While a capital campaign can be a key element in funding your ministry vision, it should not be the only element. BGW's funding partners will also help you navigate the lending market and solicit short or long term loans or bonds, raise up for-profit investors within the congregation, and explore the potential of planned giving and crowdfunding. This team also aims to engage entrepreneurs, local business owners, and the entire congregation through an intensive Biblical Entrepreneurship course that can set the stage for a successful fundraising campaign. 

"We committed to following the process...and the process works. Regular giving increased during a time when non-profit giving is down nationally. We saw a 25% increase in giving."

- Pastor Brian Bolton, Center Pointe Christian Church

Financially Sustainable Solutions

Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. What would happen to our ministries if we used our buildings 7 days a week and began to view them as profit opportunities instead of financial liabilities?

BGW has partnered with MBS Solutions, a faith-based development company, to help ministries integrate for-profit business models that can not only reduce the ministry's existing cost structure, but can also become a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact. 

Need help funding your vision?