At BGW, we believe that a ministry is most effective when it is fully immersed in its community and that buildings can play a key role in moving a ministry toward an embedded identity. 

In addition to helping ministries consider embedded strategies and community engagement during design, we also work closely with development experts at MBS Solutions as well as pastors that are currently operating for-profit business models in churches. In many cases, these business models can significantly reduce the ministry's existing cost structure, while becoming a catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact in the community. 

Feasibility Studies

Ministries are guided through a feasibility study that helps them determine whether a financially sustainable business model might be the right path for them based on market demographics, competitive analysis, potential revenue forecasts and, most importantly, Kingdom impact.

Professional Management

Our partners at MBS Solutions can also connect you with leading professional management companies that can remove the operational and financial burdens from the church and help ensure your business success. 

Proven Business Models

Business ventures that typically work well in church facilities include child care centers, community event centers and athletic facilities. However, some churches are exploring even larger business models such as senior care, mixed-use developments with retail, residential and commercial components, and even hotels. 

Why Ministries Become Museums - and How They Could Avoid It

An interview with Eric Bahme, CEO of MBS Solutions and author of the book, "The Mission-Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements.

Want to explore whether a financially sustainable business model is right for your church?