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BGW Tech is a national design-build firm that specializes in audio, video and lighting technology (A/V/L) for worship facilities.  As an integrated part of the Building God’s Way Network of Kingdom building services, BGW Tech has a track record of delivering cutting-edge worship technology while maintaining a focus on stewardship and value.  




BGW Tech has an extensive portfolio that includes hundreds of church clients throughout the United States.  Our 26-year history in working with churches gives us a unique understanding of what it takes to successfully support a ministry with technology.



BGW Tech is a full service A/V/L design-build firm that provides turn-key delivery, including design, product sales, installation, post-commissioning and training services.  This ability to provide turn-key delivery allows for a much higher level of coordination and efficiency throughout the entire process and minimizes cost overruns and delays.  

Unique Design Process


BGW Tech’s A/V/L design process is truly unique in the industry.  While most A/V/L firms are brought on board later in the process after the architectural drawings are completed, the BGW Tech team is involved from the very earliest stages of design, working alongside BGW architects. This eliminates the challenges associated with cost over-runs that are typical with A/V/L budgets at the end of a church building project.  To learn more about BGW Tech’s unique 5-Step Design Process, contact Jim Martin at 801.409.1399 or jmartin@bgwservices.com.






In-house / Expert Installation


BGW Tech has a full staff of engineers, certified installation technicians and project managers working across the country to serve our clients. It is crucial that behind the creative design and equipment there is solid, reliable infrastructure that supports your vision for years to come.  BGW Tech’s 3-Step Installation Process includes the rough-in phase, the finishes phase and the commissioning / training phase and is all performed in-house.





BGW Tech’s approach is focused on delivering the highest level of stewardship, the foundational principle of Building God’s Way.  We understand that a church’s resources are sacrificially given and we strive to achieve the best balance in quality, reliability, cost and serviceability.


Contact us to learn how BGW Tech is able to reduce costs without compromising quality through (1) greater product access, (2) pre-building & testing and (3) cost-saving design features.


Jim Martin

Senior Consultant

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Tobias-Harrison-300-x-445Tobias Harrison

Project Manager

Steven-Sprenger-300-x-450Steven Sprenger

Business Development

JesseKing-300-x-450Jessie King

Design Engineer

CharlesHorton-300-x-450Charles Horton

Shop Manager

Autumn-McPeters-300-x-450Autumn McPeters

Customer Service

Joshua-Rich-300-x-450Josh Rich


James-Lawson-300-x-450James Lawson

Installation Manager



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