What would happen to our ministries if we cut out the mortgages, reduced the overhead expenses of our facilities by two-thirds or more, and used our buildings seven days a week?  

Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. We believe facilities are a vastly under-utilized ministry tool that can help churches have a significantly greater impact for the Kingdom.

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BGW | Sustainable Solutions is working with ministries across the country to integrate financially sustainable models that can become a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact, including event centers, hotels, child care centers, athletic facilities, and senior housing. 



BGW can walk with you to evaluate specific community needs and determine how your ministry could address those needs through turn-key, investor-led business models.

Child care centers are one of the best ways to utilize church facilities during the week to earn additional income for the ministry. Children’s classrooms and other church spaces often sit dormant during the week besides an occasional bible study or evening meeting or event.


In partnering with Learning Care Group, the second largest for-profit early childhood educator in North America, BGW | Sustainable Solutions has removed the teaching, operational management, and financial burdens from the church organization itself.  Learn More












In his book,“The Mission-Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements”, Pastor Eric Bahme tells the story of the church he founded in Portland, OR in 2002 that gave birth to a new entrepreneurial model of ministry.  


The success stories shared in this book of integrating for-profit models in churches have been featured in a number of national publications and on television broadcasts.   


Currently a hotel owner / operator in Montana, Eric travels the country with BGW sharing his knowledge and experience with other ministries. 

Many ministries have stood at the same crossroads that Eric came to, searching for how to be an integral part of the community, while maintaining a low cost structure. BGW | Sustainable Solutions aims to meet ministries here, helping them determine a for-profit entrepreneurial endeavor that would benefit their community for Christ.



While this analysis typically takes place as part of the master planning process of a new building project, BGW | Sustainable Solutions also works with ministries to uncover a financially sustainable path forward in their existing facility.

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