We believe that vision and change are first birthed in the heart of a pastor and then are poured systematically into your core leadership team, church congregation, and ultimately the community all around you. We also believe that pastors provide the most logical and powerful collaborative partners for other pastors. Who better to invite into the “foxhole” of ministry than one who intimately understands the challenges and successes that lie ahead of you?

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” ministry model. This is why we are excited to partner with you in the unique setting of your calling, your church and your community, as we walk together towards a clear and vibrant missional identity.  


Our commitment through the Re:Calibr8 Coaching Program is to walk this path with you to identify, define, and forge a sustainable path towards God’s dreams for your city. 






This step is all about dreaming God sized dreams unencumbered by traditional obstacles, past failures and even successes. It’s goal is to ask the question, “what is God’s Dream?” not “what are we capable of?” To reimagine the potential of the impact of the local church from a fresh, kingdom of God perspective. (Forming Storming and Norming Processes)



This step offers strategic perspective before planning. Most churches engage strategies, thinking and planning that is short sighted and not sustainable because they are speed driven and linear rather than being informed by perceptive that asks deeper questions…. who are we?… where are we?… where have we been? (Congregational Survey, on site assessment)


This step involves reaffirming God’s calling, purpose and vision within the life and leadership of the church’s Lead Pastor.  Welcoming you to our headquarters in Ogden, UT, we’ll provide an all-inclusive, intensive, and restorative opportunity to create a holistic LifePlan that involves relational coaching and connection for you and your spouse.


This step takes a fresh look at the x’s and o’s of your churches activities and programs in light of your reimagined mission, 3-5 year vision, core values, and current internal and external realities. It is an opportunity to redefine roles, programs, language, staff and services offered to your community. This is all about replacing broken systems and positions with fresh life giving vision and direction. (StratOps).


The purpose of this step is to help the ministry move from the fringe of a community to an embedded identity, where a church truly seeks to change its position within the community and impact the brokenness of people, their families, and the relational systems they are entangled in. (community demographic study, market analysis)


This step is all about leading the lifeline of the local church, the congregation, into a process of education and buy-in as it pertains to the new vision and direction of the localI church. Together we seek to improve systems and align vision so that your church can serve more people with more impact. Preparing you with a targeted sermon series and various forms of media, we’ll empower you to lead the congregation towards a missional vision.


In this step, the boots hit the ground. This is about putting our effort, our movement and our money where our vision is at as a local church. It is acting on the critical question; “is our church moved by and invested in what we believe?”. This will be a process of putting vision and value into tangible and measurable action.  Walking with you to establish a new church culture, we’ll invest in a 3 day service project together, in your community.


In this step, we readily acknowledge that ministry is messy and what sometimes looks great on paper doesn’t always translate into reality. Refining vision is about an ongoing process of allowing our failures to be teachers and our success becoming building blocks. The key is to make sure we do not get stuck at either failure or success but always keep our focus on the missional calling ahead of us. Dedicated to your long term health, we will be a part of your team for a year, coaching you weekly and providing a diversity of resources.

BGW “First Steps” Program


  – Ministry Assessment


  – Market Area Profile


  – Congregational Survey


  – Funding Solutions Analysis


  – Pastor-to-pastor Insights (coaching / tour / interviews)

Re:Calibr8 Coaches



Matt-RobertsPastor Matt Roberts

Matt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a local church and national church planting movement based in Ogden, Utah that has experienced tremendous local and multi-site growth since it’s launch nearly 8 years ago. Matt began his ministry as a Youth Pastor in the inner cities of Tampa Florida, Portland Oregon and Denver Colorado. During this time he traveled extensively as a national speaker and advocate for students in some of the most challenging places in our nation. 



After nearly a decade of Youth Ministry, Matt and his family moved to Utah to pursue a lifelong dream of planting a “church for people who don’t do church”. That dream has materialized as The Genesis Project, a church moved to reach the darkest areas of the city with the hope of Jesus. The GP has grown from a small group meeting in an local coffee shop to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. Every GP church is connected by a passion to love the most broken and disenfranchised within the local community. This is accomplished through an active, relational model that marries an embedded church with practical community engagement and a sustainable business model. 



The headquarters for this model of ministry is in Ogden, Utah where The Genesis Project finds it’s home on the Hub 801 campus. When not in use for church services and events, Hub 801 operates as a full-service event center, a community coffee shop, a daycare center that serves as a children’s ministry and outreach facility, a local youth center, multiple ministry and rehabilitation homes and non-profit community services. Through the merger of diversified business and ministry, the Hub 801 campus has become a model for planting financially sustainable churches within communities plagued by poverty and religious apathy. 



Over the last decade Matt has served in various roles and positions helping churches and denominations revitalize and re-imagine their church planting strategies through an embedded, sustainable, community lens. His passion is found within the hope and excitement he has for the potential of the local church in the 21st century.




PasEric-Bahmebec-presenter-pictor Eric Bahme

As a cutting edge entrepreneur, a passionate preacher, and an inspirational visionary, Eric has spent his life infusing his love for the Lord into his passion for entrepreneurship. Eric is the author of the book, The Mission Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-Based Movements. Today, he serves as a partner in the BGW family of businesses, with primary responsibilities as the Director of BGW’s Stewardship & Funding services. In addition, Eric is the founder and president of KingdomPoint International; a national non-profit organization created to network and empower other ministries through a mission-based entrepreneurial movement. He is also engaged in a number of roles with Nehemiah Project International Ministries, an organization that provides biblically-based entrepreneurial courses globally.


Born in Arizona, Eric knew from an early age that he wanted to enter the ministry. In spite of being raised in a non-Christian home, Eric began preparing himself for the ministry, attending Walla Walla College and earning bachelor’s degree in theology and communication. Upon graduation, he and new wife Rita moved to Michigan, where Eric completed his Masters of Divinity. Following the completion of Eric’s education, the couple accepted their first job as Sr. Pastors of New Life Christian Fellowship in Seattle where they served for 14 years. 



In 2002, Eric and Rita moved with their daughter, Alyssa, to Portland, Oregon and founded Eastside Church, giving birth to a new entrepreneurial model of ministry. The church purchased a large hotel campus with a vision for mission-based entrepreneurialism, which combines solid business practices with the mission of the church. Eastside, a congregation that grew to more than 700 attendees in three years, later planted six campus churches with numerous ministries and witnessed more than 3,500 first time commitments to Christ. During this time, Eric also became a managing partner in one of the top 100 Hospitality Management Companies in the United States, successfully initiating and expanding the company’s management contract business and ownership. In addition, Eric held a partner position in Genesis Hotels LLC, a collection of franchised hotels throughout the Northwest. 



An inspiring and energizing speaker, Eric helps organizations harness the unique power of their business and ministry communities to achieve extraordinary leaps in performance. His fast-moving talks are loaded with valuable insights and practical applications. A powerful visionary and storyteller, Eric has a gift for teaching organizations how to inspire passion in their people and tap their collective intelligence. 



Mark Orphan

Pastor Mark Orphan

Mark Orphan has spent the last 28 years in ministry and leadership as a pastor and consultant.  He has built, funded, and led coalition projects of as many as thirty faith and community-based organizations to collaborate regionally in California and Colorado serving at-risk or foster/adoptive families and youth.  Mark is currently the Planting and Coaching Director for The Genesis Project National Network, a national church planting movement that targets communities afflicted by poverty and great need.  

Mark is certified by the Paterson Center as a LifePlan and StratOp facilitator providing coaching and strategic planning for leaders and organizations and is certified by Family Wellness Associates as an instructor serving at-risk families.  He is the founder of Finally Home Foundation and SERVE 6.8 and co-founder of Mika Community Development Corporation.  Mark has an MA in Church Leadership from Vanguard University of Southern California and he and his wife, Kristin, have been part of three church-planting teams.  


For more information call Scott Griffin at (844) 413-8368 or


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