Planned Giving


The Generosity Initiative is a Planned Giving program created by G.A. Repple & Company, a Christian financial advisory firm based in Orlando, FL. As part of our comprehensive Stewardship & Funding Solution, the Generosity Initiative provides a network of planned giving consultants in order to help church members asses their financial future. 

Participants will learn how to give assets and other investments to the ministry while minimizing tax implications. This not only expands the potential giving pool but increases ministry impact.

Our Mission

Empowering leaders to engage donors through education by bringing the expertise of our trained Planned Giving Consultants (PGC) to your organization.



Initiate a call to action, bringing donors and charities together to release financial assets in order to provide sustainability to your organization to further the Kingdom of God.


Planned Giving Consultants

G.A. Repple Planned Giving Consultants are able to assist charities and investors to those charities, to further the Kingdom of God in many different ways.


BGW Partnership

As a Christian planned giving firm, registered broker-dealer and investment advisor, G.A. Repple works alongside the BGW Stewardship team to help ministries identify, educate and cultivate potential planned giving prospects within the church and expand generosity. 


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