Hearing from God

Hearing from God


Through a proven process called “Hearing from God”, the focus is on cultivating spiritual sensitivity and generosity within each member of the church.  


The thought of actually hearing from God is not revolutionary. Throughout the centuries, men and women have received their direction from the heart of God.  He has spoken “in many forms and many ways” (Hebrews 1:1) in the past and ultimately expressed Himself to the world in the Word (John 1:1-12).  The Lord provided the vision for your ministry growth or expansion plans – and He will be faithful to work in the hearts and lives of your members to see the dream realized. We believe your members need to seek His face regarding their involvement in the campaign more than to be manipulated by appeals. 


With our exclusive campaign materials, your church body will be directed through weekly study and prayer topics so they can Hear from God to make their commitment decisions.  When individuals of every age are engaged in seeking the mind of God as to their personal involvement in the capital campaign, miracles happen.


One-meal fast program


Hearing from God also includes an optional one-meal fast program. Fasting has long been the practice of Godly men and women. The list is long and includes prophets and kings, the poor and those with means.  Entire nations have been called to fast and when the early church needed direction they received it after fasting.  Since the practice of fasting has been lost to many, BGW provides materials to help re-introduce the idea to a new generation.  Recognizing that taking a day (to say nothing of 40 days!) to fast is beyond comprehension to many in our day, our program suggests forgoing one meal each week and committing the time normally used to consume that meal to fast and visit with God.


6 Areas of Focus


Cultivating Spiritual Sensitivity – Through our signature Hearing from God experience, your church members will be prepared to respond to the vision that God has laid on their hearts regarding the role they should play in the upcoming project or campaign. 

Casting the Vision – Through our exclusive vision clarification and vision-casting training and resources available through BGW | Studios, church leaders will be able to communicate a clear and compelling vision and mission for their ministry.

Leveraging Talents & Gifts – Churches are better equipped to maximize the abilities of each member of the congregation following our training on the stewardship of talents and giftedness.

Maximizing Resources – Through our training on the stewardship of financial resources, church leaders and members gain a better understanding of biblical stewardship and are better equipped to leverage resources effectively.

Enhancing Discipleship – The foundation and true heart of the BGW | Momentum program is to enhance worship and encourage greater commitment to God’s Word, prayer, and service.

Celebrating Community & Partnerships – The vision and mission of the church take steps toward coming to life as better connections are made with the local community.




“The Hearing from God approach was not about money, but about ministry and this was refreshing because we are all about ministry first. It was refreshing to hear ideas that allowed us the chance to broaden and enhance ministry opportunities.”


~ Pastor Roy L. Tucker, Jr. | The Praising Place Church of God




“The Hearing from God campaign was a postive experience for our church. The most encouraging part of the program was holding a 24-Hour Prayer Festival. This is also something we have continued to do, holding a 12-hour festival devoted to prayer.”


~ Pastor Tim Privratsky | Evangelical Bible Church




“We liked how Hearing from God came with a pre-packaged plan even though there was flexibility built in. They got us started on the right foot and it just worked out well having them be in the background, helping us get things set up and organized.”


~ Pastor Sam Smucker | Worship Center Ministries



“Our first campaign with BGW was a great success, bringing in 1.25 times the General Fund Budget and 105% of pledges during the economic crisis of 2008-2009. Our second campaign is off to a great start. We’ve enjoyed not having the typical high-pressure, and would recommend BGW/Hearing from God without reservation.”

~ Pastor Marc Sundstrum | Highland Park Community Church | WY




“I committed to following the process…and the process works. Regular giving increased during a time when non-profit giving is down nationally. We saw a 25% increase in giving.”

~ Pastor Brian Bolton, Center Pointe Christian Church




“Our capital campaign was refreshing. When they said the process is a total life stewardship, growing people in Christ, it’s true. I think our pledges reflected that.”

~ Pastor Len Browing, The Journey at First Baptist Church

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