Building the World’s Way vs. Building God’s Way


The world’s way of construction is a broken process. The BuildingSmart Alliance estimates that 70% of commercial construction projects are over budget or late. The typical construction project job site is rife with conflict, finger-pointing and broken relationships.



The revolutionary BGW Approach was developed to provide an alternative building solution to ministries that seeks to eliminate change orders and delays and cut construction costs by up to 30%.  


Learn how your ministry can avoid some common and costly mistakes and integrate a stewardship-driven approach, beginning in the earliest stages of preliminary design and continuing throughout the construction process.


Click here to register for your free copy of the video “Building the world’s way vs. Building God’s Way – a seminar presentation by BGW Principal Architect Don Mahoney.

Pre-Construction Stewardship


In the BGW Pre-Construction Stewardship (PCS) process, the church architect and church builder work as partners to build relationships with the subcontractors prior to completion of the final design documents. This unique approach allows BGW to incorporate valuable subcontractor input and alleviate any lingering confusion that could increase costs later.


The PCS program was also designed to leverage construction industry relationships and linkage within the ministry that can lead to in-kind gifts or substantially discounted products or services.


“I would like to say that in my 30 years construction experience, this was hands down the most inspiring Pre-construction meeting I have ever attended.  We fully intend to provide our bid, but regardless of the outcome, I hope to stay in contact with all of you (church, architect and general contractor).” – subcontractor, Seminole, TX

Exclusive Builder Partners



BGW has a nationwide network of builder partners who are leaders in church and school construction.  Through a unique delivery model we call the Trinity Partnership, BGW and it’s partner builders are aligned from the very earliest stages of design and are equally accountable to the ministry client.  At the beginning of every project, all three parties agree to put God at the center of the relationship.  Click here to locate the BGW Builder nearest you.

BGW Supply


Building God’s Way has negotiated factory-direct pricing with leading manufacturers who have a heart to support Christian ministry, eliminating at least one layer of mark-up, sometimes more. By leveraging this national buying power, BGW Supply is able to provide churches and Christian schools an average savings of 30% on building supplies, fixtures and furnishings.


These national vendor partnerships provide access to high-quality products that are typically not affordable for churches and Christian schools. Click here for more info.






A building campaign can help take the church body out of its normal circles of fellowship and into “the world.” As you share the vision with your future neighbors, seek donations within the community, work with subcontractors, meet with city planners and prepare your membership for building, you will have unique opportunities to touch people’s lives.



BGW has developed an effective organizational structure that allows the church to show the love of Christ and serve those that are working to construct the new facility.  With hundreds of different subcontractors in your back yard during the construction process, this is a rare opportunity for the congregation to expand ministry and outreach. 


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