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There is a wide swath of “tsunamis” that have hit or will hit the United States – and churches, Christian schools, and other non-profits are in the “eye of the storm”. In this recently published book, “10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries: How do we survive what’s coming?”, author and Building God’s Way founder Dan Cook identifies 10 significant areas that will impact Christian ministries in the years ahead.    


Dan’s goal in writing the book was to trigger discussion among leadership regarding the future of ministry, particularly in reference to financial sustainability.  “10 Tsunamis” not only sounds the alarm of impending changes with HUGE implications, but also identifies very practical responses that churches can take to overcome them.    

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In “The MBE (Mission Based Entrepreneur) Revolution – Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission based Movements“, author and pastor Eric Bahme tells the story of Eastside Foursquare Church in Portland, OR, a church he founded in 2002 that gave birth to a new entrepreneurial model of ministry. The church purchased a run-down hotel campus in June 2003 with a vision for mission-based entrepreneurialism that combines solid business practices with the mission of the church. The success stories shared in this book have been featured in a number of national publications and television broadcasts.


Eric Bahme is a cutting edge entrepreneur, a passionate preacher, and an inspirational visionary. He has spent his life infusing his love for the Lord into his passion for entrepreneurship. Now a partner in BGW Sustainable Solutions, Eric travels the country sharing these innovative strategies and helping ministries explore the feasibility of integrating for-profit enterprise.  Click here to order


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The Biblical Entrepreneurship Glossary includes words every biblical entrepreneur or workplace believer should incorporate into their everyday language. It is the perfect resource for anyone involved in marketplace ministry, seeking to do business God’s way, or learning about the potential for impacting the secular marketplace for Christ and His kingdom. The glossary’s unique spin on many secular business vocabulary words places the focus on stewarding God’s resources for His glory.


The Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) training course has become an integral part of all Building God’s Way capital fundraising campaigns.  By cultivating a heart of generosity among business owners and entrepreneurs within the church, the BE program has helped churches nationwide to accomplish their God-given vision.

Funding your vision

Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Non-Profits” is an excellent, easy-to-read, book on fundraising for non-profit organizations. Author and long-time friend of BGW Gerald Twombly makes the complex task or organizational fundraising seem easy and exciting, but also communicates the idea that effective fundraising requires a shift in priorities, systemic change, and hard work.  Based on the concepts of ‘relational development’, Twombly encourages readers that they already have the basic skills of fundraising; it’s just a matter of developing a system where those native interpersonal skills will serve the resource needs of their organization. 


Recognized as “the architect of relational development”, Twombly is the author of 7 books and has helped non-profits such as Christian schools and colleges raise nearly $2 billion.


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