BGW Sustainable Solutions has partnered with Nehemiah Project International Ministries to utilize a portion of their exceptional Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) training curriculum as the starting point for our capital fundraising campaign.

By cultivating a heart of generosity among business owners and entrepreneurs within the church, the BE program has helped churches worldwide to accomplish their God-given vision.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are not only foundational in a community, they are also foundational in the life of a church. Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to make positive global changes while remaining profitable. They have the power to change lives and livelihoods in the communities and countries where they operate. 

The BE program is focused on teaching entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to operate their business in God’s way rather than the world’s way. A certified instructor will serve as your coach and teacher using the Bible and a biblically based curriculum entitled, “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship.”

The course also offers the opportunity to learn how to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, solve problems, and exercise stewardship over a business for biblical profit while developing a Christ-centered character and attitude. This is a 16-hour course that typically takes place at the church over a 3-day period (Thursday and Friday night from 6:00 – 9:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm).



Your Church


BE has helped over 1,000 churches in more than 20 countries to leverage the power of entrepreneurship, which has had a significant impact on capital fundraising campaigns and has increased tithes and offerings by up to 150%.  In addition, for those ministries considering financially sustainable business opportunities, BE provides the foundational stewardship principles and practices necessary for success.


Businesses Leaders & Entrepreneurs

More than 12,000 entrepreneurs have been impacted by BE globally. Business leaders, who tend to be the top 20% of givers within a local congregation, often feel left out of many discipleship programs with little practical guidance for their daily life in business. BE changes all of that, allowing transformation and equipping for Kingdom businesses.


Church Members

It is vital that everyone in your church has a foundational understanding of what it means to be a steward of the resources entrusted to all of us. The concept of stewardship is one of the most exciting and life-transforming concepts in the entire Bible, yet it is often poorly understood among believers. BE can help the members of your church understand and apply this compelling truth, transforming every area of their lives – home, careers, and church.


Your Community


BE provides an opportunity for you to bless not only your church, but your community as well.  Some churches are encouraging members to bring a friend or business associate with them to take the course for free. This is also a great opportunity to introduce business people in your community to your church.  Many entrepreneurs who take BE often end up joining the local church where they attended the class.

For more information contact Scott Griffin at 844.413.8368 or

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