Seminar Speakers & Hosts

Dan CoBGW Headshots-Dan Cook-20150715-02ok

Visionary architect and author of “10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries”


Dan is a visionary architect, developer, builder and the founder of the Building God’s Way (BGW) network of Kingdom Building Services. He has led BGW through the design of more than 700 ministry-based facilities and has pioneered a number of innovative programs that have revolutionized the way churches and Christian schools are designed and built. These programs were all founded on Biblical principles of stewardship, relationship and outreach. Dan has a passion for helping churches develop strategies to reach the next generation, adapt to cultural change and become financially sustainable.  He is the author of a recently published book called “10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries”, which addresses 10 key cultural and economic shifts that are impacting ministries today and offers innovative strategies that will help you survive and even thrive in the storm ahead. 


Pastor Eric Bahme

Author of the book, “The Mission-based Entrepreneur Revolution”


Eric is a cutting edge entrepreneur, a passionate preacher, and an inspirational visionary. He has spent his life infusing his love for the Lord into his passion for entrepreneurship. Eric is the author of the book, “The MBE (Mission-Based Entrepreneur) Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements”.  The success stories shared in this book of integrating for-profit business in churches have been featured in a number of national publications and television broadcasts.  Eric is the founder and president of KingdomPoint International, a non-profit organization created to network and empower ministries through a mission-based entrepreneurial movement. He has also served a number of key roles at Nehemiah Project International Ministries, an organization that provides biblically- based entrepreneurial courses globally. Eric serves on the Board of Genesis Churches National and is a partner in BGW Sustainable Solutions.

Matt-RobertsPastor Matt Roberts

Lead Pastor, The Genesis Project


Matt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a church based in Ogden, Utah that has grown from a small group meeting in an local coffee shop to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week.  For 18 years Matt has served in various roles and positions helping churches and denominations revitalize and reimagine their church planting strategies through an embedded, sustainable, community lens.  The Genesis Project is an active, relational church model that marries an embedded ministry with practical community engagement and a sustainable business model. The church operates a full-service event center, community coffee shop, daycare center, outreach facility, local youth center, multiple ministry and rehabilitation homes and non-profit community services.  Through this merger of diversified business and ministry, the Genesis Project has become a model for planting financially sustainable churches within communities plagued by poverty and religious apathy.

Building God's Way Planned GivingGlenn Repple

Founder & President, G.A. Repple Planned Giving Consultants


Glenn is a registered broker dealer, investment advisor and Christian planned giving consultant.  Since he founded G.A. Repple and Company in 1982, the company has expanded to 80 offices that are nationally licensed in all 50 states. The company has also assisted in the formation of over 200 foundations and has raised over 100 million dollars for missions of various charities, ministries and foundations. GA Repple’s “Generosity Initiative” program teaches church members how to give other assets and investments to the church while minimizing tax implications, which expands the potential giving pool and ministry impact. Glenn is also a Certified Teacher of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Program. He has trained over 300 business leaders who have likewise spread the teaching into 19 different countries.

chester-chet-reidChester (Chet) Reid 

Co-Founder of Eagle Ledge Foundation, Inc.


Dr. Chester L. Reid is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Eagle Ledge Foundation, a California nonprofit religious Corporation, and Semble Foundation LLC. He has thirty three years of experience serving churches, Christian colleges, and nonprofit leaders as a church finance consultant, financial planner, and pastor. Responsible for delivering over $1 billion in church financing, Chet has been involved in projects ranging from $50,000 to $65 million.  Chet works with BGW church clients on a unique crowd-funding solution that allows church members the opportunity to align their investment capital with the loan needs of the church and reduces loan payments by as much as 60% or more.