Building God’s Way (BGW) has become recognized as the national leader in ministry architecture, with a portfolio that includes more than 700 designs for churches and Christian schools since 1998.  Ministry design is constantly changing and requires a unique understanding of the cultural and economic shifts taking place today. With an exclusive focus on the faith-based market, BGW offers a level of expertise that is unrivaled among architects.









BGW Architects utilize a unique design process called a “charrette”, an intense and highly collaborative effort that takes place over a 2 – 3 day period at the ministry site.  This process allows design solutions to evolve quickly with direct participation of key ministry leaders and real-time adaptations by the architect.  During this process, between 75 – 90% of the preliminary design is completed and the vision of the ministry is captured and translated into preliminary site plans, floor plans, seating diagrams, sketches and exterior renderings.






In many respects, the world’s way of construction is a broken process. The BuildingSmart Alliance estimates that as much as 70% of commercial construction projects are over budget or late. Reducing the cost of construction begins with cost-effective design. BGW Architects seek to eliminate or greatly reduce the number of change orders and delays by integrating a stewardship-driven philosophy that begins in the earliest stages of preliminary design.  As a result, costs are reduced by up to 30%.


Balancing Relevance & Stewardship in Church Design: Church Executive Magazine, by Don Mahoney









Over the years, BGW has been able to deliver incredible cost savings without sacrificing the quality or aesthetics of the building. BGW Architects has been recognized with a number of national awards for design and innovation, including multiple WFX Solomon Awards for Best Church Architect, Best Church Design, Best Special Project and Best Digital Church; the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) Arts & Architecture Award for Best Liturgical design and several awards for outstanding Christian school and Christian college designs.











The BGW Construction Documents Team is a highly trained, multi-disciplined group that provides a super-coordinated set of plans and proven quality control procedures.  This is evident in the extremely low number of change orders on BGW projects.


Throughout the drawing delivery process, the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software enables the design team to perform “clash” drawings between engineering disciplines to address potential conflicts prior to construction.  As a result, BGW is able to bring the highest level of continuity from the earliest stages of design.



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